In January 2017, drummer and composer Nicolas Chkifi was invited to play at the festival «  La Semaine du son » in Brussels.


For this opportunity, he decided to put a new band together. The whole group wrote some miniatures for it, having in mind the idea of a certain aesthetic, a special band sound, and line up.

FNUSSJEN is an acoustic quartet including the versatile violist Ananta Roosens, the original harpist Ann Eysermans, the talented pianist Christian Mendoza and Nicolas Chkifi on the drums.

With this unique band, Nicolas Chkifi is looking for peace and simplicity.

Their debut album "Forest of pictures" came out in September 2020 and has been very well received by the press.


NIMA brings together saxophone player Mathieu Robert and drummer Nicolas Chkifi.

Both of them are composers and improvisers. 


Together they create music that transcends the genres with simplicity, purity, and always with a warm acoustic sound.


Sound artist Gregor Siedl and drummer Nicolas Chkifi have been a close-knit duo for many years with a common drive for improvisational music.

The duo focuses on humanized electronics and beastly batting on their second release (el NEGOCITO Records). Whilst Nicolas has a deep rooting in jazz, African rhythms and a tendency for yoga extravaganza, Gregor´s background entails sound art, contemporary music, Marxist philosophy, and botanophilia.

DOKO, the band name, is based on a Japanese word that can be translated as the exclamation « Where ? » and pinpoints the essence of their sonic ventures.
It's in the momentum of navigating into the unknown, that the spirit of the music shines and enchants the most.


Multi-instrumentalist and composer Ann Eysermans put together a trio with Frans van Isacker playing exclusively clarinets and percussionist Nicolas Chkifi.


With FENNA she can explore the spectrum of amplified double bass in a free improvisation context.

The strong personality of each musician brings the listener into a unique poetic sound bathing trip. Fenna’s debut album will come out in 2021.


LANIAKEA is Jeroen van Herzeele on tenor & soprano saxophones, Ewi and Modulars, and Nicolas Chkifi on drums & percussions.

They drink divine Chinese tea, they talk about yoga, kung-fu and laugh a lot.

They walk down, connect, listen, and play!

Laniakea is a Hawaiian word that means "immense heaven".

It's a supercluster of galaxies.

This inspires them for their instant compositions".

Laniakea Smile.jpg


E.M.A. means Ensemble de Musique Acoustique and is born from the desire to experiment with graphic scores into a larger ensemble.

The drums are in the center like the trunk of a tree, then below you have the strings trio being the roots of the tree, and above you have the winds trio flying high in the unlimited skies.

E.M.A brings together the finest musicians from the rich Belgium jazz improv scene.



4 Circles

JNK Photo_edited.jpg

JNK Trio

Tassin_Chkifi JS - Roger_edited.jpg


New explosive duet with the super active guitarist Julien Tassin who here enters in resonance with versatile drummer Nico Chkifi to explore new territories.
Musical dialogues made of colors and chaotic sounds in the service of a music at the border of jazz, free improv rock, experimental, soundscape and noise.