In Januari 2017, drummer and composer Nicolas Chkifi was invited to play at the festival «  La semaine du son » in Brussels.


For this opportunity he decided to put a new band together. The whole group wrote some miniatures for it, having in mind the idea of a certain aesthetic, a special band sound and line up.

FNUSSJEN is an acoustic quartet including the versatile violist Ananta Roosens, the original harpist Ann Eysermans, the talented pianist Christian Mendoza and Nicolas Chkifi on the drums.

With this unique band Nicolas Chkifi is looking for peace and simplicity.

Their first promising album will come out in 2019.


EDI OLVITT is a trio of composers and improvisers.

Mathieu Robert on soprano saxophone, Quentin Stokart on guitar and Nicolas Chkifi on drums.


The music of EDI OLVITT is melodic and unpredictable. The three of them are refined instrumentalist who like to challenge themselves.


After some concerts in Belgium, Spain, Portugal and a debut album called « Lolo » under the label Creative Sources, EDI OLVITT second opus will come out early 2019.


Saxophone player Gregor Siedl and drummer Nicolas Chkifi are longtime friends and have been sharing the stage for many years.


In this formula, the duo explore the endless possibilities of their instruments playing instant compositions.


DOKO has a first album on Spocus Records in which the music is pure acoustic saxophone and drums with some extended techniques.


For their second recording they ve been using electronics and editing works.


The process was really fun and the result is great to capture live.


Multi-instrumentalist and composer Ann Eysermans put together a trio with Frans van Isacker playing exclusively clarinets and percussionist Nicolas Chkifi.


With FENNA she can explore the spectrum of amplified double bass in a free improvisation context.


The strong personality of each musician brings the listener into an unique poetic sound bathing trip. Fenna’s debut album should come out in 2019.