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Nicolas Chkifi (1981) is a drummer, composer, and educator living in Brussels, Belgium.

He is currently leading FNUSSJEN, a quartet with pianist Christian Mendoza, violinist Ananta Roosens, and harpist Ann Eysermans.

Besides having a particular lineup, the focus of this band is to explore the possibilities of shorts compositions in interactions with controlled improvisations keeping in mind the almost inherent meditative character of each composition. The music is in between chamber jazz music and improvised minimalism.

"Forest of pictures" their debut album came out in September 2020 and has been very well received by the press.


Nicolas Chkifi is co-leader of EDI OLVITT, a bass-less trio formed by soprano saxophone Mathieu Robert and guitarist Quentin Stokart. Their first album called LOLO came out on Creatives Sources label in 2016. The second one will be released in early 2019.


He is co-leader of an adventurous duo called DOKO with saxophone player Gregor Siedl. They've been playing a lot in Belgium and Germany and their second recording came out in September 2019 on elNegocito Records. 

The music is totally improvised and included electronics and editing works.


Nicolas Chkifi is also a member of MUSIC OF CHANCES, an ensemble that emerges from the duo collaboration of saxophonist Pierre Vaiana and Mathieu Robert. The other members of the quintet are, Ananta Roosens on alto violin and Nils Vermeulen on double bass.

He is also playing the drums with LANIAKEA, NIMA, FENNA, ANTOINE GUENET TRIO, AISSATOU.

Nicolas Chkifi played in many venues and festivals in Belgium and toured in Holland, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, and Sweden.

Since 2009, he is teaching drums and jazz combo in the Music Academy of Brussels.




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